Exaltio’s LGBTQ+ History Race’

By: Jongeren- en studentenvereniging Exaltio!

Get your friends together at home and participate in our LGBTQ+ History race to the TOP! You can participate with teams or on your own in multiple question rounds and in the end we will crown the winner of our Exaltio’s LGBTQ+ History Race. Games? Name The Icon, Guess The Story and Emoji Guessing. All of that in an 30 minute special event on Discord hosted by our new board.

Date: Friday 9 October
Time: 20.00 uur
Costs: Free, brought to you by Regenboogdagen 2020

You can follow this activity online. Subscription is not needed. You do need a Twitch account.

Follow Exaltio’s LGBTQ+ History Race on 9 October 8PM live here at Twitch